To all those lost souls who have forgotten to believe in magic. Be brave
enough to challenge fate across the realms of mystical kingdoms. There
are secrets about ancient garments worth revealing. Remember…
Clothes tell stories.

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Take their cloaks and let them loose.
– the whistling sound swooshed through
the crooked lips and Mortagon gazed into the distance. The mist engulfed him and he vanished.

– Yes, warchief! – the common cry of the legion pierced the air.

His voice echoed in the heads of his soldiers:
– When they reach the middle of the field, unleash Him. He will take care of the rest. Come to me when it’s over.

The Dusklander guards unlocked the cage and brought forward the prisoners.

The two girls and the boy were shivering, but bravery never left their eyes. Their faces were muddy and what was left of their clothes was torn apart and worn out.

The cold touch of the shadows unlocked the chains and released the captives.

They were standing still amidst thousands of ominous creatures. The Duskland shadows were as vile as one can get. Highly intelligent and perceptive beings, they had adapted to a life of battles and hardship.

Nareeh, Sitara and Aglaia were completely motionless, but their hearts raced.

– Go. – hissed one of the shadows.

Nareeh looked at the girls and at the male creature who had just unchained them. With one swift motion he reached out and disarmed him.

The circle of shadows around them tightened.

The boy was holding a semi-long grey knife engraved with purple runes, dim glow was surrounding the blade. The legion drew their swords and stepped forward.

– No. – the adamant voice punctured the minds of shadows and children alike – Let them leave.

A tear rolled down her right cheek. It left a visible pure trace that melted the mud. She quickly wiped it with her filthy sleeve and joined Nareeh and Aglaia.

– Let go of the knife. – this time Mortagon’s words were only in the boy’s head.

The blade started burning Nareeh’s palm, he
screamed and dropped the knife on the dead grass. It was still green, but life had abandoned nature. The children started running.

– Don’t forget – Mortagon continued – when they reach the middle, unleash Lucious upon them and every other wretched soul who dared to face us.

Everything turned quiet. Only the rapid footsteps of Nareeh, Aglaia, and Sitara echoed through the silence. The sky was robbed of light.