Mist Coat

For a modern, mystical being.


Crafted in Bulgaria.

80% Transparent TPU Fabric
19% White Polyester (sewed inside)
1% Mist Essence

– Unisex

– Black screen printing on the back

– Regular fit

– Ideal for a rainy mood


How to care for it:
– Careful steam cleaning.
– Wipe with soft tissue.
– NOT suitable for regular washing.


Delivery time in Bulgaria: 2-3 days (Econt/Speedy)

Payment options:
– Cash on delivery
– Debit or Credit card (secured by PayPal)


The prophecy is here! Come closer… Listen.

Lightning bolts are piercing the skies. Your time has come. The elders entrusted you with The Mist Coat.

Your mind is your greatest weapon. Outwit the rest and save your world.

This garment was born from imagination. A fictional story called “Origins”.
Before following the link below, beware of its corrupting power.