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The imagination of Bulgarian artists has shaped our values and traditions. As the times change and the definition of culture gets blurry, it is important that we are able to distinguish and appreciate our contemporary artists who will inspire the future generations.


MELANIN’s Walking Gallery project aims to bring that inspiration to the streets, now. It’s a series of clothes which will exhibit the art of contemporary Bulgarian creators. Unrestricted by medium, Walking Gallery is a collection of photographs, illustrations, creative edits, and music.


We collaborate with everyone to figure out the best design to breathe life into. First, we work with each of the creators to select two of their favorite pieces, and then we share them on our social media channels to let you, our virtual audience, decide which one will be made into clothing. Finally, our design team adds the last touches and makes sure that the artwork stands out.


All profits from this project are shared with the artists. Every piece of clothing you purchase will have an impact on their exposure and expansion. By wearing it you make their art come to life.